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Letters and Diaries

Dick Wilson, a very enthusiastic letter from Camp Hale training, Christmas Day, 1942.

Bill Fricke, insightful and touching war-time letter from Italy, February 4, 1945.

General George P. Hays, post-war summary of 10th action, May 14, 1945.

Congressional Record, press release about 10th Mtn Association Visit to Tomb of Unknown Soldier, May 19, 1979

Poet Robert Frost wrote this moving poem for 10th Mountain trooper Fritz Schmidt, whose obituary reveals his personal connection, and the years of mystery surrounding its origin. The poem is written in Frost¹s own hand.

A Poem by Deborah Evans Clem (Evans C-85)

A For a Sneak Preview of the new film and book "Ordinary Heroes: Six Stars in the Window," visit This work-in-progress from Descendent Dan Oja, focuses on his uncles, the six Koski brothers. who all went to war, one by one. They all gave everything. One gave his all.

Stuart Abbott:
February 8th, 1945. Dear Mother, I must admit that I had never really been homesick until I got over here. There are times now when I get so blue it just hurts to think of home. I am living for the day when I can curl up in an easy chair with a good book and an entire pan of hot buttered popcorn.

Love, Stuart

Dan Kennerly:
February 20th, 1945. Sometime after midnight, the sound of a burp gun, a German pistol came from the 3rd battalion area on our left flank. Now the Germans know we're here. A chill is running up my spine.

Ben Duke:
March 30, 1945. Dear Mrs. Abbott, This is my first opportunity to offer you my deepest sympathy for the loss of your son, Stuart Abbott. The terrain we had to cover was rough and the enemy positions good-it was a difficult task. There was no braver or finer man on the hill that day. I sincerely believe that he never knew what struck him. But those who die, die knowing that they will never be forgotten, and they did not die in vain.
Most Sincerely Yours,

Sergeant Ben Duke, Jr.

Hugh Evans:
February 25th, 1945. This old infantry really gets stuff thrown at it. And don't think we aren't scared. It's over now though, and it will be just one black spot on my mind. I just keep wondering how many black spots there are going to be before this damn war will be over.

Hugh Evans.

Denis Nunan:
February 28th, 1945. So you see mother, Daddy, in my short time in combat, my heart has hardened and my soul grown bitter. I have killed, and I shall continue to do such without flinching until peace comes to the world or me. I shall destroy whatever the enemy hides behind. But there will always be room in my heart to feel for those that have suffered‹still room in my heart for those dreams of romance and legends that have enveloped these foreign lands in days gone by. Yes, I'll destroy and be bitter, but I'll also dream and love. Until we meet again,


Ken MacDonald:
March 7th, 1945. Dear Elinor, The mountains are majestic and fierce and snow covered. There is an appalling contrast to death, injury, noise, fear, cold & hunger. Almost every town in Italy has been destroyed, at least in part.

Love, Ken

Bud Phillipsen:
May 1st, 1945. My darling, you probably read how our division spearheaded the attack all the way. I was in command of the first platoon in the whole 5th Army to cross the Po. 14 men to a boat, lots of machine gun fire and artillery. Two more days and nights and we were across the valley into the Alps.

Love, Bud

Sgt Harris Dusenbery:
May 1st, 1945. We switched back down the mountainside and passed the spot where what was left of the bodies lay. Blood and bits of bone and flesh and shreds of clothing lay scattered over the ground. Along the trail there was a gunnysack of arms and legs with the grisly ends sticking out. This is the thing that gnaws at your heart. Yet in war we have had been hardened. Without a tear we hurried on to get by this awful spot, silently thankful that it had not been our time to die.


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