THE LAST RIDGE - The Inspiring Story of the 10th Mountain Division, A Compelling PBS Documentary Based on the Book by McKay Jenkins
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Cool Links to 10th Mtn Features, Maps, Photos, Music

So you want to know more already? Well say no more! For in depth information, you have to check out the 10th Mountain Association site.

For a behind-the-scenes listen to production stories during the making of "The Last Ridge" documentary, listen to a National Public Radio interview with producer Abbie Kealy.

"Radio Diaries" is National Public Radio's way to eavesdrop on the extraordinary memories of ordinary citizens. In this edition of the popular radio program, three 10th Mountain veterans recall the best of times during their time in the 10th. This 25 minute program features Dick Wilson, Bob Parker and Newc Eldredge in candid moments.

For more great links:

Current 10th Soldier

Current 10th Mountain website. These guys are heroes too- and they're the most deployed division in the Army, serving in trouble spots of the world, including Afghanistan. The 10th is making history & changing history!

Pictures and Maps

If a picture says a 1000 words, you're in for a treat. There are
literally thousands of 10th pictures available. See for yourself,
Photo Search here.

Map image

You can study the 6 maps used in the documentary here.
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Other Great Links

OK, we all know these guys can sing, especially after a beer or two. But Inquiring Minds want to know what they're singing! Here's some of the lyrics to 10th Mountain Songs

But wait, there's more! Other great 10th books and references can be found here the 10th Mountain Division Association, Inc. Web site

Check out a combat blog from Iraq if you want the inside story before it's even a story, at

If you're waiting for a movie from the frontlines, there's a lot of interesting 10th Mtn video at Check out anything from "combatfilm", aka current 10th soldier/broadcaster SPC Luke Allen, plus there's videos on the original 10th, and many others posted from Iraq, Afghanistan and in tribute to individual soldiers killed in action.

Join the 10th Association

And of course, you're invited to join the 10th Association, as either a 10th vet, friend of the 10th, or as a 10th descendent.

Everyone is welcome - and you don't need 3 letters of recommendation like they needed to get into the 10th during WWII. This 10th Association is a great organization: very fun very easy to join. There's always something interesting happening and someone interesting to meet. You have your orders, enlist!

Video Link T0 2006 Olympic 10th Feature

Salute to the 10th Mountain Division by NBC Nightly News - The 10th is still making news after all these years! Check out this salute to the 10th Mountain Division by NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. It ran during the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy.

For More Information Contact:
Abbie Kealy, 5316 Glen Falls, Reisterstown, MD 21136
(443) 570- 9482 | E-mail:

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