THE LAST RIDGE - The Inspiring Story of the 10th Mountain Division, A Compelling PBS Documentary Based on the Book by McKay Jenkins
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The Last Ridge documentary,

This one hour program premiering May, 2007, is narrated by National Public Radio's Scott Simon.

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The Last Ridge DVDs now available for $20. To order, call 1-800-679-0604

The Last Ridge is the Story of

...The highest mountains
...The toughest conditions
...The most extraordinary soldiers.

More than 60 years ago, the 10th Mountain Division did the impossible in the mountains of Italy, scaling a 2000 foot cliff on a cold winter night to knock the Germans from their impenetrable perch.

But the 10th Mountain did more than turn the tide for the Allies in Italy. They revolutionized winter mountain warfare abroad, transformed winter sports at home, and blazed a path of honor for generations to come. This is the remarkable story of how the 10th Mountain Division came to be. You may also see the complete program transcript here.

The Last Ridge brings the extraordinary 10th Mountain legacy to life, from the uphill battles they faced during World War II, to the remote corners of troubled Afghanistan where they patrol today, as the most deployed military division in the U.S. Army.

Produced by 10th Mountain descendent Abbie Kealy, the program was filmed extensively in Colorado, Italy, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, with insights from over one hundred 10th Mountain soldiers.

Major funding for The Last Ridge was generously provided by:

Raymond Farley

John Woodward, Edward Van Romer,
The 10th Mountain Division Foundation Inc.

And by Gerald Q. Nash, Robert Snell and
The Compton Foundation.

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The 10th Mountain Division:
Part of History...Making History...Changing History.

For More Information Contact:
Abbie Kealy, 5316 Glen Falls, Reisterstown, MD 21136
(443) 570- 9482 | E-mail:

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Outreach, Promotion and Development for The Last Ridge have been made possible by the R.C. Baker Foundation, honoring the extraordinary legacy of World War II veterans.